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An all-in-one presentation software made for sales.

Sales people have spent countless hours struggling with traditional presentation tools, only to end up
with disappointing slides and little time left to fine-tune their pitch. Salestrip is a unique all-in-one solution for
sales people created with them in mind from the ground up. It takes out the hassle of designing slides and
combines essential tools inside a single app. 

Built for sales from the ground up.

Because you mean business...


Close more deals. Spend less time desiging your slides and have all your supporting files at reach right inside your presentation. 

Sales Director, ensure your team members are using the most recent sales documents. With central document management, easily push updates to the devices of your team members. 


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Let Salestrip work the design for you. Its layout engine automatically adjust the content

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Embed and open your sales documents directly in the presentation to create full interactivity

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Take notes and collect decisive insights directly from your slides